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The Founder


Lizette V. Epps

PA State Registered Fundraising Council

Lizette is an award-winning businesswoman and community leader who strives to help individuals turn points of struggle into real success.  After working in both the public and private sector for over two decades, Lizette knows exactly what it takes to navigate the business world to attain success; it is a well-balanced mix of listening and understanding along with clear and concise communication. 


Her journey to success as a businesswoman surely did not happen overnight.  She has persevered through unimaginable life challenges and has taken the negativity and harsh criticisms bestowed upon her to fuel her passion to succeed.  Lizette’s story proves that success is not a matter of luck or what resources you can tap into.  It is about being creative, having the drive to move forward and making your own way.  Those that know her, can attest that she is an inspiring and empowering woman who fought to not be a statistic and rose above circumstances to stand triumphant.  Lizette has never allowed tough times to define her and is now focusing on spreading her message to help others overcome their struggles.


For the past 14 years, Lizette has been active in her local community of Reading, Pennsylvania; volunteering, serving on committees and mentoring local women and youth.  Lizette is a community-minded, people-focused businesswoman and entrepreneur. 

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